Sunday, July 17, 2011

Brynn turns 3!!!!

I have kindly been reminded that it has been MONTHS since I have updated our blog....I am sorry! We have been so busy this summer so blogging has been even more difficult than normal to keep up on. One major event that happened in May...Brynn turned 3!!! Up until now all her parties have been pretty small with just family and a very few close friends...nothing too big or exciting. This year we decided to throw her a real birthday party. Adam was actually gone on her real birthday with a work meeting he had to attend and we also had family coming in town for Addysen's blessing around the same time. So with everyone here... we decided to have a fun birthday party!! Friends, balloons, cupcakes, games, and even a pinata. Brynn was so excited and had so much fun...except for the couple times she cried (I think she got a little overwhelmed with all the kids and chaos going on)! A big "Thank you" to every who came and shared this fun day with her (and for the great gifts). She still talks about it!!

Brynn playing with the balloons (and cute Jaxton in the background !)

The popcorn came was a huge hit!! Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

At the end, Brynn crawled on the "parachute" and the kids wanted to bounce her....she was a little too heavy :)

Opening wonderful presents from even better friends!!

Basket toss

Brynn taking her turn at the was indestructable!!

Everyone singing 'Happy Birthday"...and she is trying not to smile. She loved it, but didnt want to show every one.

We had to call in the reinforcements. After all the kids had a turn there wasn't even a small dent in the pinata. Who better to help than daddy!!

After the party we came home and Brynn took a nap. Adam and I knew what we were getting Brynn for her birthday, but had kept it a secret from pretty much everyone else. So during naptime I went to get her present and some 'accessories' we needed to go with it. I had been texting Adam to let he know when I would be home and he woke Brynnley up and sat her in the living room along with both sets of her grandparents. She closed her eyes....held out her hands.....and Adam placed her new present in her hands! As soon as she opened them and saw what was in her hands, the look of confusion and sheer excitement ran across her face. A NEW KITTY!!! Brynn had been asking for a kitty for awhile. So Adam and I decided that we would take her to play with some kitties at the shelters to see if there was one that would be a good addition to the family. While Adam was out of town for work, Brynn and I went to 2 animal shelters and it was a giant FAILURE!! We played with about 5 cats varying in color, size, gender, and age...and NONE of them were a good fit. They had no interest in interacting with Brynn and only cat that Brynn wanted to play with was one small black kitten. Unfortunatly this kitten ran away and hid the whole time we were trying to play with him. So I called Adam and told him this kitten thing was a bad idea...or maybe it was just the shelter kitties. So I got on craigslist and found the cutest little siamese kitten! I called the lady who was trying to adopt him out and arranged a time Brynn and I could go play with him. Brynn fell in love with him instantly and he LOVED Brynn!! I told Brynn we were just playing with the kitty and that the kitty belonged to the lady who lives with him. So we got in the car to go home. I let the lady know we wanted him and she was more than happy to hang onto him for another week until Brynn's birthday arrived. SO HERE HE IS.......Bocephus (or Bo for short)!!

This cat is so tolerant!
Opening presents from the family at home.

Lots of games!!! Thanks everyone for the wonderful gifts. Brynn loves them all!

HAPPY 3rd Birthday, Brynnley

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browerfamily said...

It's about time....hahahaha! I think Jaxton was picking his nose in that first picture! hahaha! It was a fun birthday! Thanks for the invite!